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Links to the best resources for Progressive Rock. The ratings are based on content, relevance, utility value, and the audio quality. Regularly checked for irregularity. Updated - 2013-11-14
The Best Sites
Rating (1-5):
To Prog Archives
  Prog Archives: This is a necessary tool, with links to progressive rock bands, progressive rock cd reviews, a really good forum, and a comprehensive discography section with free MP3 downloads. Novices to Progressive Music could start with "What is Progressive Rock?"  
To Dutch Progressive Rock Page

DPRP - Dutch Progressive Rock Page: DPRP is an extensive Internet site dedicated to progressive rock, progressive metal and closely related genres. DPRP has a very good Newspage, always with up-to-date information. Very good reviews and tons of information for you to dig into.

To New Gibraltar Encyclopedia of Progressive Rock

New Gibraltar Encyclopedia of Progressive Rock: GEPR is designed as a reference for you to discover bands that are unfamiliar to you and to broaden your listening horizons. The GEPR is arranged alphabetically by band or artist, and has an excellent Genre Guide.

To Vintageprog

Vintageprog: Excellent website, all about good reviews of those favourite Vintage Progressive Rock Records, now with new good layout. Always with extensive and very well thought out reviews.

To Progressive Ears
  Progressive Ears: Excellent web site, with good reviews, large discussion board, news, tourdates, and a large amount of information. Recommended!  
To Progressive Rock & Progressive Metal
  Progressive Rock & Progressive Metal: Focusing on Progressive Rock, Progressive Metal or Hard Rock Group, with very good reviews and links to a large number of web sites.  
to Ground And Sky

Ground and Sky: A music review resource featuring "the honest opinions of 14 knowledgeable music fans". Ground and Sky is a resource for fans of progressive rock and the more diverse forms of experimental music.

To ProGGnosis
  ProGGnosis: Dedicated to Progressive Rock and Fusion. ProGGnosis have over 3300 reviews and detailed and interactive genre/sub-genre/style guides.  
To Ghostland
  Ghostland: Very good web site, with good newspage, reviews, tourdates, interviews, audio samples, and other useful information.  
To ProgressoR

ProgressoR: The site has a very good rating system for albums, an excellent genre guide, and many good reviews.

Very Good Sites
To Gnosis

Gnosis: The Gnosis Project is basically a large repository of music data catering to the discerning, experimental/avant/progressive listener. The site generally consists of ratings and reviews.

To Ytsejam
  Ytsejam: Good reviews, interviews, news and a discussion forum.  
To Progressive Newsletter
  Progressive Newsletter: The web site of a German magazine, with the most comprehensive links page available. Reviews in german only, but the site includes an archive with interviews which are mostly available in their original english versions.  
To The Progressive Pages
  The Progressive Pages: The Progressive Pages is a no-frills way to share a love of prog/power music while cataloguing the CDs of Matt Rink, and writing some quick album reviews. Focus on progressive rock/metal.  
To ItalianProg
  ItalianProg: The idea behind ItalianProg is to give music collectors from all over the world a source of information on the italian progressive music of the 70's, written by fans and collectors themselves.  
To Sea of Tranquility
  Sea of Tranquility: SoT is a web site for information, news, and reviews related to the worlds of progressive rock, various forms of metal, and fusion music.  
Other Sites
To BayProg
  BayProg: BayProg is a web site of resources for San Francisco Bay Area progressive rock musicians and fans.
To The Spanish Progressive Rock Page
  The Spanish Progressive Rock Page: This is a space devoted to progressive music in general, but if focuses on spanish prog. Both the spanish classics of the seventies and the latest releases are covered and reported here. In English.
To Arlequins
  Arlequins: Italian Prog-websine. Very good links page with links to many Italian Prog-bands. Unfortunately, all the reviews are in Italian only.  
To Agartha
  Agartha: With good news section, interviews, reviews, and other good stuff to dig into, but mostly in Italian.  
To Norwegian site with a very comprehensive discography of Norwegian Progressive Music. The webshop also keep a good supply of Progressive Music from Norway, past and present.

To Babyblaue Prog-Reviews
  Babyblaue Prog-Reviews: Very good German website. Good reviews, but only availible in German only.  
To AmarokProg
  AmarokProg: French progressive rock website focusing on Progressive Rock, Alternative Rock, Progressive Metal, Prog Rock, Jazz, Krautrock, Fusion. With reviews and discography, in French only.
To New Horizons
  New Horizons: Focusing on Progressive, Classic and Melodic Rock. They will endevour to create a site worthy of frequent visitation and aim to give you a broad overview of what has been happening for some of the premier bands with up-to-date news on their future plans. Good newspage, good reviews, and very pleasant gig-review section.  
To A progressive rock e-zine, published by Douwe Fledderus, with news, links, and reviews (with a nice MP3-player to accompany the reviews).  
To Prog Rock Videos
  Prog Rock Videos: A Progressive Rock Music Videos and Lyrics site. Their aim is to present a selection of the best videos of good old progrock bands.
To The Progressive Rock Webring
  The Progressive Rock Webring: The Progressive Rock Ring features links to artists whose music is similar in scope to Genesis, Pink Floyd, Yes, Rush, Marillion, etc.
To The Axiom of Choice
  The Axiom of Choice: The website is maintained by Jurriaan Hage, and is a source of subjective information about progressive rock music and related genre's. The Axiom Of Choice has good information, links, and and some short audio samples of new Artists.  
To Progplanet
  The Progplanet: The famous Progplanet site with prog reviews on both cd, dvd and books. Also there are artwork, recommended band/artists, related sites and lots more.  
To Prognaut
  Prognaut: started in 1998 as a personal website showing the favorite progressive rock bands of Mr. Ron.  
To BajaProg   BajaProg: The website of the Baja Prog festival, a series of progressive rock concerts that take place during 4 consecutive days, where 20 bands and fans from all over the world get together to exchange ideas and build relationships.  
To ProgAwards
  ProgAwards: The Prog Awards is a festival dedicated to Prog Rock Music, born to give fame to the Prog World. This years edition is the first and the festival is open for all Bands and Artists. The best band will win the prize “Prog Awards 2007”.
To A website with reviews, interviews, news, tourdates, and MP3's.  
To Tarkus
  Tarkus Webzine: The website of the a Norwegian language webzine for the progressive rock community in Norway.  
To Acid Dragon
  Acid Dragon Magazine: The website of a French magazine dedicated to progressive rock since 1988. With a publication rate of three issues per year, it is a precious collection of biographies, stories, studies, documents and interviews. Acid Dragon is the only European prog 'zine written in English.  
To e-Prog   e-Prog: e-Prog is devoted to Progressive Rock that highlights keyboards such as synthesizers, piano, Moog, Mellotron, Hammond and others.  
  New England Art Rock Society: New EARS is a community dedicated to sharing and promoting progressive rock in the New England area.  
To The Hairless Heart Herald
  The Hairless Heart Herald: THHH aim to provide news, reviews and gig information on that oft derided music genre, Progressive Rock, Prog Rock, Art Rock, Jazz Rock or whatever.  
  Mitkadem: Israeli site, by Uri Breitman. Some pages in english too.  
To Strawberry Bricks
  Strawberry Bricks: Strawberry Bricks is a timeline documenting "twenty-five years of progressive art rock" and the works that are rooted in this classic period.  
To Department of Virtuosity
  Department of Virtuosity: DoV write about traditional kinds of hard'n'heavy music plus such genres as: progressive rock/metal, symphonic, neoclassical hard rock/metal, shredding, AOR, blues-rock, jazz/fusion, avantgarde, rock & metal operas and classical guitar-oriented music.  
To ProgSnobs
  ProgSnobs: ProgSnobs is a progressive music review and commentary blog. The idea is to not generate hype or inflate any egos. The idea is to respond and interpret new progressive rock and progressive metal releases using contextual analysis.  
To Through Different Eyes
  Through Different Eyes: Online archive of Progressive music reviews, with links and interviews.  
To Progressive World
  Progressive World: Progressive World's goal is to create the most comprehensive and user friendly website for progressive music fans. They will strive to inform the prog listener, about all new releases, concert and tour information, interviews, reviews and allow you opportunity to communicate your likes and dislikes in a forum.   Rating
To Zoltan's
  Zoltan's Progressive Rock Webpage: Zoltan's is dedicated to classic, and new, progressive rock bands from around the world. You will find casual reviews, album covers, and RealAudio samples from many albums.  
  Progression: This is the website of a full-size quarterly magazine devoted to news, reviews, interviews and features covering a wide range of progressive/electronic/avant-garde music artists from around the globe.  
To Mellotron
  Mellotron: The homepage of the famous Mellotron.  
To Prog-résiste
  Prog-résiste: Prog-résiste is a belgian "Non Profit Making Association" having the aim to promote the Progressive Rock in Belgium, in other french-speaking countries and all around the world if possible.  

To USA Progressive Music
  USA Progressive Music: Founded by progressive music enthusiast Jill Hughes in March 2007, the site's goal is to provide up-to-date content to help promote progressive type music  
Not rated
To Progscape The website of Michael Ostrich. With some reviews and interviews.
Not rated
To Melo's Prog Bazaar
  Melo's Prog Bazaar: Progressive Rock Forum "covering all dimentions of Progressviev Rock". Community with links, reviews and other stuff.  
Not rated
To Progboard
  Progboard: New site with band index and some reviews.  
Not rated
  InsideOut Music: One of Europe's top independent labels.   Not rated
  Proggies: Swiss site.   Not rated
  Artrock: Swedish site.   Not rated
  Jilaen Sherwood: This site contains fantasy and science fiction paintings, illustrations and 3D visual art & graphics.   Not rated
  Rock 'n' Prog: Swedish site.   Not rated
To Italian site.   Not rated
To Rock Progressivo Brasil
  Rock Progressivo Brasil: Brazilian site.   Not rated
To Epigram Encyclopedia of Experimental and Progressive Metal
  Epigram Encyclopedia of Experimental and Progressive Metal: Greek site.   Not rated
To Progressia
  Progressia: French site.   Not rated
To Prog-PT
  Prog-PT: Portugese site.   Not rated
To Oz Music Project
  Oz Music Project: Australian site.   Not rated
To Pilgrim World
  Pilgrim World: Japanese site.   Not rated
To Progwereld
  Progwereld: Dutch site..   Not rated
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