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This section is covering the links to the best resources for Norwegian Progressive Rock on the Internet, and the bands with active websites.
Norwegian Sites
To Black Moon
  Black Moon Magazine: The website of the only Norwegian language magazine for the progressive rock community in Norway. With tour dates, reviews, and concert reviews of Norwegian Progressive Rock Bands. Also availible in an limited English version on the website.  
To Tarkus
  Tarkus Webzine: The website of the a Norwegian language webzine for the progressive rock community in Norway.  
Norwegian Bands
Magic Pie homepage

Magic Pie: Magic Pie's intentions is to create a “progressive” sound texture in the spirit of the 70's, and to blend musical tendencies from both back then and from today's “progressive” scene. The band consists of six experienced musicians from Moss and Fredrikstad (small towns in Norway), whose background descend from various traditional rock bands. Their latest release is the 2007 "Circus of Life ". To the review(Review of "Circus of Life") To the review(Review of "Motions of Desire")

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Cloroform homepage

Gazpacho: Gazpacho plays melodic Progressive Rock of the dark, melancholic type. Their latest release is "Night" from 2007.

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Pedestrians of Blue homepage

Pedestrians of Blue: The melodic and progressive hardrock band Pedestrians of Blue has devoloped a unique style that has been descibed as mix of bands like Queensrÿche, Black Sabbath and Toto. Their latest release is the 2007 "Crossing Over". To the review(Review of "Crossing Over")

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Bjørn Lynne homepage

Bjørn Lynne: Bjørn Lynne's music is rooted in the synth-rock genre, based on heavy keyboard with orchestral shaping. Lynne's creations range from dark space adventures to light and tranquil nature-inspired soundscapes. Lynne has put out numerous recordings, and has made the music of various computergames. The 2005 release "Soothe" is described as "an album of relaxing and soothing melodic/ ambient music".

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White Willow homepage

White Willow: The band has quietly risen to become one of the main exponents of contemporary progressive/ crossover music. White Willow has existed in various incarnations since 1993, and as one of the main players in the 90's "progressive revival" White Willow stood apart with its mixture of folk and classical music along with contemporary gothic and even hard rock elements. The 2006 release "Signal to Noise" is their latest record.

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Pagan's Mind homepage

Pagan's Mind: This progressive metal band plays melodic power-metal with progressive and symphonic elements. Their latest release is "Enigmatic : Calling" from 2005.

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Kari Rueslåtten homepage

Kari Rueslåtten: Kari Rueslåtten emerged on the Norwegian music-scene as vocalist with "The 3rd And The Mortal", with whom she released two albums in 1994. Since then she has had major success as singer/songwriter with her unique voice and powerful music, blending the mystique of traditional Norwegian music and the energy of Hard Rock. Her latest release is the 2005 "Other People's Stories".

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Circles End homepage

Circles End: Circles End first saw the light of day in 1994. Their first full album the 2004 release "Hang on to that Kite".

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The 3rd and the Mortal homepage

The 3rd and The Mortal: The 3rd and The Mortal was founded in 1992, and the mission was to bring their ideas and impulses together in order to create a unique sound. Their latest release will be "Project Bluebook", due in 2005.

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Gaate homepage

Gåte: Gåte has modernized the traditional Norwegian folkmusic, by blending traditional sounding melodies and soundscapes, with skillfull programming and powerful fuzzed up Hard Rock. They are popular in the Norwegian Pop-scene, and with their 2003 release "Jygri", Gåte was awarded as "best newcommer of the Year" at the Spellemannprisen-award. Their latest release is the 2004 "Iselilja".

Cloroform homepage

Cloroform: Cloroform is not a pure progressive rock band in the classic term, but blends a wide range of influences with their unique "punk-pop" melodies. Their latest release is the 2003 "Cracked Wide Open".

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Pictoral Wand homepage  

Pictoral Wand: Pictorial Wand is a symphonic progrock project from Norway. It was started in 2003 by Mattis Sörum, and it has taken him three years to complete his debut-album "A Sleeper´s Awakening" (double-cd). It is a one-man-project where all the musicians are hired in especially for this album, except the guitars, the synthesizers and the organ which is played by Mattis himself. "A Sleeper's Awakening" was released April 2006. To the review(Review of "A Sleeper's Awakening")

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Seid homepage

Seid: Seid calls themselves "cult kings and demon driven acid rockers", and the influences are psychedelia, folk, space rock and seventies prog. Their latest release is "Creatures Of The Underworld" from 2006.

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Winds homepage

Winds: Formed in 1998 Winds plays melodic progressive metal with orchestral arrangement. They have released two full-length albums, the latest being the 2004 "The Imaginary Direction Of Time ".

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Nordagust homepage

Nordagust: The band Nordagust was formed in 1999, and the idea of the band is basically to use the wistful, bewitching and the recklessnes of Norwegian folk music, and to integrate this with a form of heavy rock music. Still working on their debut album...

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Spiral Architect homepage

Spiral Architect: The band plays progressive metal, and the overall idea was to integrate jazz-fusion elements with uncompromizing metal. The latest release being the 2000 "A Sceptic's Universe".

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SJ5 homepage

The Samuel Jackson Five: The Samuel Jackson Five, or the SJ5, started up a couple of years ago as a failed drum'n'bass-project. They play progressive postrock, and has been referd to as a thrilling progressive acts i Norway. Their latest release is "Easily misunderstood" from 2005.

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Mikro Midas homepage

Mikro Midas:

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Finn Arild homepage

Finn Arild: Progressive rock musician, songwriter and producer Finn Arild is a highly talented multi-instrumentalist with a passion for a wide range of musical styles and the skills and experience to put them to life.

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Airbag homepage

Airbag: By blending a good portion of classic rock arrangements with the dramatic sounds of Radiohead and Mew, the dreamy soundscapes of Pink Floyd and ambient chillout, Airbag discovered a unique style that suited their vision of making music that could put the listener in a comfortable mood.

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Shine Dion homepage

Shine Dion: Shine Dión is a Norwegian duo that started out in Skien in 1993. The music can be described as a blend between Norwegian and Irish folk tunes, with hints of progressiv.

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Windmill homepage

Windmill: According to themselves: "We are some human beings trying to make outstanding music for the ones who knowledge the sound of outstanding... hopefully resulting in a CD some day in a future not so far away..."

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Kerrs Pink homepage

Kerrs Pink: Kerrs Pink was started in the late 70's and plays a combination of Norwegian folk music and classic progressive rock. Their latest release is "Tidings" from 2002.

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