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Links to the Internet Radio Stations playing the music of Progressive Rock, Symphonic Rock, and Progressive Metal. The ratings are based on content, and obviously the audio quality. The links are regularly checked for irregularity. Updated - 2015-02-14
Internet Radio
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Rating (1-5):
To Delicious Agony Progressive Rock Radio

Delicious Agony Progressive Rock Radio: Delicious Agony are playing classic and modern progressive rock, and has "a desire to play and promote progressive rock music of all kinds". Tune In! (MP3-stream)

To Stellar Attraction

Stellar Attraction - Progressive Rock Internet Radio Station: Stellar Attraction are playing a mix of 1970's British rock and progressive music, with some 60's and some 80's. Tune In! (MP3-stream) Tune In! (AAC+ server)

To 70's English Progressive Rock

70 English Progressive: They have tried to "re-create a feeling for what it was like to listen to college radio in the mid 1970's". Plenty of 70’s English progressive rock and modern music from today’s artists that follow in the prog and folk rock style of the 70’s. Tune In! (


PROG.FM: Playing progressive music from a broad range of styles and artists. PROG.FM does not specialize in one or few sub-genres but seeks to expose listeners to as much of the main genre as possible. A key point of the station is to promote the actual artists. Much of the music played on PROG.FM has been generously provided by artists themselves who want to gain such exposure. Tune In! (MP3-stream) Tune In! (MP3-stream) Tune In! (AAC+) Tune In! (WMA) Tune In! (OGG) Tune In! (



To Aural Moon Progressive Rock Garden

Aural Moon: Aural Moon are covering the progressive rock spectrum from the late 60s to present day. Tune In! (MP3-stream)

To Morow Prog Radio

Morow Prog Radio: Morow is covering everything from pre-70’s progressive rock to current day artists, but Morow is also focusing on the harder edge of Progressive music. Tune In! (MP3-stream)

To Progolus Radio

Progulus Radio: Progulus has a wide variety of progressive rock and progressive metal you can find on internet radio, and focuses on the harder edge of Progressive Rock. Tune In! (

To Rush Radio

Rush Radio: "Rush 24/7", great if you really want to listen to some of the great songs of the Canadian band. Tune In! (Web-player)

To Progressive Rock Radio's goal is to bring awareness to and share great symphonic, neo-progressive, canterbury, and
psychedelic progressive rock music from the UK and around the world. Their playlists contain selected old, new, and independant/unsigned artists. allows listeners to place track requests and has Interviews, Album Reviews, Forums and much more. Tune In! (

To Prog Palace Radio

Prog Palace Radio: Prog Palace Radio are focusing on the harder edge of progressive music. Tune In! (MP3-stream)

To Prog Rock

ProgRock: Your Ticket to the Best Progressive Rock Tune In! (MP3-stream)

To Prog Rock and Metal

Prog Rock and Metal: Playing selections from the latest in progressive rock and metal from artists around the world. "Tune in at your progleisure". Tune In! (

To Fusion 101

Fusion 101: Fusion 101 brings you the best of the 70's - and some of today's - Fusion, Jazz-Rock and Progressive Rock. As they say at Fusion 101: Jazz-Rock Fusion is a style of music that combines the energy of Rock music with the sophistication and improvisation found in Jazz. Conversely, Progressive Rock draws from jazz and classical elements to push beyond the standard Rock song structures. Tune In! (

To Koolkat's Odd Sky Radio

Koolkat's Odd Sky Radio: Progressive Rock. Tune In! (

To The Dividing Line

The Dividing Line Broadcast Network: The Dividing Line is where Progressive Rock music fans come to discover artists typically not heard on conventional commercial radio. Playing music 24 hours a day and are dedicated to "doing their best in helping the Progressive Rock genre to grow and thrive". With a huge archive of recent shows, interviews and chat. Tune In! (MP3-stream)

To Progressive Positivity Radio

Progressive Positivity Radio: ProgPositivity's goal is to "support your personal journey of progressive rock music discovery in a positive uplifting manner". Tune In! (MP3-stream)

To Radio Rock UK

Radio Rock UK: Playing a mix of 1970's British rock and progressive music, with some 60's and some 80's. Tune In! (

To Dark Horizons Radio

Dark Horizons Radio: " The best in progressive rock and metal". Tune In! (

To progstreaming

progstreaming: Progstreaming is a website where everyone can listen to the latest progressive rock releases in their entirety, from the moment of a record's release onwards for a maximum of two months. Tune In!

To The Musical Mural

The Musical Mural: Proggin Bob Logan is a lifetime progressive rock fan and likes to share the music he loves with other progressive rock fans. Tune In! (

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